Academic Programs

Catholic values, spirit and faith permeate all aspects of school life in a Catholic school. In addition, formal Catholic religion classes are taught at all levels.  Our schools welcome non-Catholic students who are expected to participate in religion classes and take part in liturgical celebrations.

Areas of Accountability in Catholic Schools:

  • Assessments - Multiple types
  • Attendance/Drop-out rates
  • Active Parent Participation
  • Accounting System - Budgets
  • Accreditation and Awards

All schools meet or exceed the Louisiana State Content Standards in core curriculum subjects.

In addition to the core curriculum, schools have developed programs to address the talents and interests of students in the areas of art, music, drama, athletics, technology, and foreign language.

Schools offer a wide array of extra-curricular activities to develop the whole child.

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Secondary Schools Academic Programs:
NonPublic Graduation Requirement Chart – Effective for Freshmen 2008-2009
TOPS Core Curriculum
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Elementary Schools Academic Programs:
SACS Accreditations
Blue Ribbon Schools
Accreditation and Awards:
Standardized Test Scores:

Individual schools have developed programs to meet the special needs of students. Please contact Mrs. Jane Baker, Associate Superintendent, at 504-861-6223 for more information.